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Dear Porsche Club Members, 

The Porsche Club Jeddah was founded in April 1998 to cater to the particular needs and interests of the owners of Porsches in Saudi Arabia, with the objective of engaging all Porsche owners in a variety of social, driving and motorsport events.

The Porsche Club offers a perfect opportunity for members to foster new relationships and network with like-minded individuals, gain knowledge of their cars through technical discussions, and benefit from the exclusive offers through our partners.

Being part of a global network enables us to tap into regional and international resources to assist our members, whether contacting the local Porsche Club at their next holiday destination, arranging a visit to the Porsche factory, or wishing to restore a Classic Porsche, the Club can help members embark on their journey equipped with the knowledge required.

We hope that being a member of Porsche Club Jeddah will add to your enjoyment of owning one of the finest automobiles in the world. 

Happy driving,


Yasir Malak

Porsche Club Jeddah